YouTube Music is now available for free on Google Home

Google has given YouTube Music a push by making an ad-supported version free on all Google Home Speakers. Though the service is supported by ads, you can pay to go ad-free. In fact, the same free service is available not only on Google Home Speakers but on Google Assistant-power Speakers as well.

These speakers already work with several streaming services such as Google play music, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Music, and Deezer. Until now, YouTube Music did not work at all if you did not have a premium subscription unlike Play Music, Spotify, and Pandora.

YouTube Music Premium

You can upgrade to YouTube premium by paying a certain amount that lets you request specific song, playlist, artist or album on-demand. YouTube Music Premium service enables you to play background music through the YouTube Music app while you are using other apps. Also, it enables you to download music for offline listening and, of course, it’s ad-free.

Set YouTube music as default

To set YouTube Music as the default on your Google Home, navigate to the Account Settings section in your Google Home app, tap Services, and select Music. Now you can set YouTube Music as the default music service. With new devices, you can select YouTube Music during or after the setup process as well.


Started a few hours ago, free YouTube music access is available to all Assistant-powered smart speakers. However, it comes with similar limitations as free Spotify and Google Play Music subscriptions- you can’t request specific song, playlist or album and it has advertisements as well.

Free Spotify has low device de-authorization limit, on the other hand, Google Play Music has no cloud integration for purchased or uploaded music and inferior support experience, especially on Android, but YouTube Music does not have these limitations.

Along with the US, UK, and Ireland, the free/paid service of YouTube Music is also available in Canada, Mexico, Australia, India, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Japan, Netherlands, and Austria. The company has promised to make it available in other countries soon.

Free YouTube Music isn’t a major addition to the Google Home, as the same functions were already available to anyone having Google account through Play Music, but this does provide better integration for anyone already using YouTube’s services.

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