Updated Google Suite Includes Focus Mode & Parental Control Features

Google introduced the host of new digital well-being tools the previous year. These tools aimed at helping people track app usage, manage screen time and configure devices DND settings in a better way. As of now, Google is updating its suite of tools to include a new feature called “Focus Mode” that helps you to disable distracting apps temporarily while not missing crucial information.

Parental Control Features

In addition to “Focus Mode”, Google has introduced a few new features for users of its parental software known as Family Link has now become a part of the Android OS. This is similar in a way to what McAfee’s parental control offers. You can download McAfee’s security products via mcafee.com/activate, that are available to fulfill different needs of the people.

With focus mode you can turn off the apps you find personally distracting. For example, you could disable the updates and ads while you are using social media so that you can text anybody without being distracted.

The feature also could help people enjoy their devices in their downtime, a feature that was not mentioned at the time of announcement. For instance, people could stream Netflix without getting bothered by work emails or slack notifications. This cannot be considered as a way to reduce screen time, which is what a lot of today’s well-being features provide. Instead, it is about prioritizing work and knowing what things deserve our attention the most.

Updated features for parental control

Google also unveiled today some new features for Family Link, which lets parents control their kids’ online activities and track their usage. Now, parents can set a time limit on specific apps instead of just setting screen-time.

Another new feature will allow parents to give kids “bonus time”, which could help kids who need extra screen time to finish up what they are doing on their devices. This could be considered as a reward for kids, depending on how parents want to take benefit of this feature.

Family Link is going to be a part of every Android device beginning with Android Q. Instead of being an optional app that parents can choose to download, the Family Link will become accessible from device settings. You will find this setting under the “digital well-being and parental control” tab in Android Q devices.

People are spending a lot of time on their phones and sometimes they wish they could spend some time on other things as well. To help people find balance and digital well-being, Google is already proving to be useful, as many app timers helped users to stick to their goals and take advantage of the digital well-being feature.

To conclude

In this era, it has become the need of the hour to maintain digital well-being so that you can surf the internet without hassle while keeping an eye on your kids’ digital activity. For this, one should make use of the digital well-being tools as well as McAfee’s security products that can be activated via mcafee.com/activate.


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