Spotify launches its instant music listening app Stations for iOS

Spotify has launched its instant listening app for iOS users. But the sad part is that it has been launched only in Australia for the time being. The release takes place nearly a year and a half after the Stations app hits on the market for the Android users in Australia. The Stations app presents users with a minimalist interface where available playlists are displayed with an oversized font, unlike Spotify’s flagship application.


At the time of launch, music begins playing automatically- a feature that Spotify’s rival Pandora already supports.  This instant music playback feature is something that had people calling it “Pandora copycat”.

Unlimited streaming in just a few clicks

The app allows users to jump right into streaming instead of having to create their own playlists or stations or save favorite music to their library. You can scroll up and down between the playlists to select one, instead of typing in a search box or searching through voice commands.

Stations were specially designed for people who want to experience something radio-like that requires less manual input. Free users will hear ads, be able to like and dislike songs, but they can’t skip tracks. Premium users who download Stations are eligible for unlimited skips and ad-free listening.

This app features a range of playlists which you can sort by genres, decade, activity, and more. These playlists also become personalized to end-user over time. You can also choose to create your own stations by selecting from your favorite artists in an experience that reminds us of the customization offered by Youtube Music today.

It also lets you tap on the rounded artists’ profile photos so that you can choose to play your favorite artists on the go. Along with this, you can discover Weekly playlist, Release Radar and a Favorites playlist.

Not so much had been heard about Stations since its debut which could be indicative of the fact that it was an experiment that didn’t work out as expected. But it now seems that is not the case, given the new release to iOS.

Some new changes in Spotify

Spotify has the chance to learn and collect data from a larger and more representative group of people, by offering the app to more users. Whether or not it takes any ideas from Stations to its main app still remains a mystery.

When asked, the company denied to expose its upcoming plans and said that it conducts tests in an effort to improve user experience, as some of the tests make way for the new possibilities and some give important lessons.

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