Protect your kids from cyber threats this vacation

Do you remember the time before the smartphones were invented, when vacations were the best time for kids to improve their skills and enjoy their life with friends and family? Life was much more genial at that time but sadly, the scenario has completely changed now. Kids love spending their time on the Internet, browsing for useless things, and keeping in touch with friends only through social media.

With more spending a vacation on social media, there’s also more risk involved. And that’s where your role as a well-wisher comes in. although you cannot stop kids from completely giving up their electronic devices, you can take certain measures to keep them protected online.

Prepare your kids against the risk involved in cybercrime

Gaming obsessionThe risks involved in gaming can double in the vacation time period. These days, many gaming platforms also provide you with the option to communicate with others just like you do on social media. With this option, the risk of addiction and gaming scams tend to increase.

What can be done?

As an elder, do not ignore the signs of excessive gaming as it may lead to sleep deprivation of your child. Swiftly take appropriate actions and encourage your kids to go out and play games like football, basketball, chess, etc. Also, try to involve them in other household chores. Consider parental control software to set the time limit on Internet usage.

 Cyber-bullying– This term covers some serious online issues such as making fun of others, threatening, name-calling, and discrimination on the ground of race or gender. When kids spend more time in surfing, they may come up with different ideas of tormenting others.

What can be done?

Keep track of your child’s social media account and who is in their friends’ list. Do not provide them with a separate device until they reach a specific age. Pay attention to your child’s changing moods and behaviors because he could be the victim of cyber-bullying and keep your digital eyes open and objective.

 Smartphone Anxiety-If left unchecked, this growing issue can multiply in this vacation. In a recent survey, it was found that kids, who do not have their cellphones around, feel anxious, lonely, and upset.

What can be done?

Pay attention to your child’s physical as well as emotional health and check if he is showing signs of worry, self-doubt, or sleeplessness. Seek professional help if needed and try to spend as much time as you can spend with them. Establish a screen limit on his device using McAfee Parental Control services.

Wrapping up-

Vacation doesn’t have to be stressful for anybody, and the electronic device doesn’t have to win the majority of one’s attention. By building up a friendly conversation with your children, monitoring, and timely coaching them you can help them to avoid common digital risks and making their vacation genial.

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