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McAfee is an antivirus that protects our devices from viruses, malware, and other online threat. It also provides advanced security solutions to customers, large and small businesses, enterprises and government also. McAfee has many features. To enjoy these you have to do McAfee log in initially.

Keeping all these in mind, McAfee security products and antivirus suite are made to keep any online threat such as viruses, frauds, malware and malicious sites. Almost, all of them come in two variants: McAfee Premium Package and McAfee Free Trials. McAfee download is a must for the usage of the product.

Know how McAfee provides security to your Android and computer devices

To use the products you have to download McAfee, install and McAfee log in on your device. McAfee provides 30 days free trial and after that, you have to renew it manually or enroll in auto-renewal service. To activate the product one should have an activation key known as McAfee activate the 25-digit codewhich you find in your registered mail. To download McAfee visit on the official site. You will also get an option of McAfee Free Download. To enjoy all the features you have to perform Mcafee account login first.

Nowadays, cyber-attacks are increasing and infecting your devices fastly with the help of viruses, malware, ransomware, and malicious activities. In order to shield your mobile device, you must have an antivirus on your mobile phones. McAfee mobile security is the best antivirus to protect your mobile device as it repeatedly scans and fix the issues found. To protect your device install McAfee mobile security application from play store.

McAfee mobile security is a pack of features that safeguards your mobile in multiple ways. McAfee provides protection to your business data as well as personal data. To use McAfee securities in your mobile phones or Android device then follow the steps below:

How you can download McAfee mobile security in your android device?

McAfee provides a chance for new users to protect your device. Below are the steps to download and install McAfee software in your mobile phones:

  1. 01) Open play store on your device
  2. 02) Search McAfee mobile security
  3. 03) A list will appear on the screen of your device. Choose one from the list
  4. 04) After the selection of the application, click on ‘install’
  5. 05) Installation will start
  6. 06) After installing the application
  7. 07) Open McAfee application you will be asked to allow the access to secure your device
  8. 08) Now, you have to do McAfee log in your McAfee account
  9. 09) Now your McAfee mobile security application is ready to safeguard your mobile phone
  10. 10) It will automatically scan and resolve the issues

Your McAfee mobile security application successfully downloaded, installed.

You can download McAfee mobile security application by following these steps. In case you perform any misstep or your net connection is slow then an error may occur in downloading and Mcafee account login the software. McAfee provides 24*7 customer support service from which you can take help in any issue or information related to McAfee software or application.

Though TrustedSite currently operates your McAfee SECURE service, you may still access your account through the web site. To access your account information:

How to open Mcafee account login on your device?

  1. 01) Navigate to
  2. 02) Click on Have a Site? Which you will find in the top right corner
  3. 03) Click on McAfee log in close to the highest of the screen
    • a) If you don’t have an existing account then click on ‘Sign up’ and create one
  4. 04) Enter your email address and enter your credentials

In case you face any problem in McAfee log in or forgot a password then perform the steps below to recover your Mcafee account login credentials.

If you can’t log into My Account at because you have forgotten the password or registered email address, this article helps you to:

  • 01) Identify your registered email address, or
  • 02) Reset your password
  • 03) You can either view this video or follow the written steps shown below:
  • 04) To view and subscribe to more videos, visit the official McAfee YouTube channel.

Option 1: Identify your registered McAfee log in ID:

You must use your registered email address to log in to Your registered email address can be found in your product:

  1. 01) Open your McAfee product
  2. 02) Click My Info or Your Subscription
  3. 03) Your registered email address is shown, together with your subscription details:
  4. 04) Use that email address to log in to My Account at

You can also recover your email address from the website:

  1. 01) Go to
  2. 02) Hover your mouse over My Account
  3. 03) Click ‘My Account’
  4. 04) Under the ‘Login’ button
  5. 05) Click ‘Forgot Your Email Address’
  6. 06) Follow the on-screen instructions. You need to contact Technical Support to complete the process

Option 2: Reset your password

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it:

  1. 01) Go to
  2. 02) Hover your mouse over My Account
  3. 03) Click ‘My Account’
  4. 04) Under the ‘Login’ button:
  5. 05) Click Forgot Your Password
  6. 06) Type your registered email address
  7. 07) Click Send Email
  8. 08) Check your inbox for an email with the subject: Reset your McAfee password
  9. 09) Click the link in this email to reset your password


  1. 01) Click the link within 72 hours, or it will expire. If this happens, repeat the process to get a new email.
  2. 02) If you do not see the email, check your Spam folder after completing the McAfee log in process.
  3. 03) When you move the email out of the Spam folder, your email client might still block links in that email. If this happens:

Ensure that is on your safe senders’ list to stop McAfee emails going to the Spam folder.

Repeat the Reset your password process to get a new email.

Click the link in the new email to reset your password.

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