How to protect your kids from YouTube obsession?

In recent times, YouTube has become one of the favorite time pass options for kids. If you see that your kid is busy watching YouTube videos all day long and has stopped interacting with other kids instead, it’s right time you should check out for his online activities. Being an elder, it is your responsibility to look into the matter carefully and help him falling prey of YouTube obsession.

Risks involved in YouTube Videos

  • Most people don’t know that it is important to filter YouTube content and respect age limits. If you do not follow the guidelines or restrict the content, your child might open inappropriate videos unknowingly and become the victim of cyber-bullying.
  • There are many unboxing and makeup videos available on YouTube. These videos are not just for the entertainment purpose, it’s there because the advertisers want you to see it and buy it from them. If your child goes through any such content, he may demand similar products from you, which might be inappropriate for the child of his age.
  • It is important that you try to make a balance between screen times. If you are unable to do so, your child might suffer from mental or physical health issues.
  • There might be videos which promote conspiracy or inculcate the feeling of hatred for others in your child. There are several fake videos available on YouTube, from which you might want to protect your child.

A few safety tips to safeguard your child

  1. Get to know about your Child’s interest- The best way to do it is to keep a regular check on what your child is going through on YouTube. This can be done by keeping an eye on the “history” of YouTube searches made by your kid. Also, get to know about the channels to which has subscribed. If you find anything inappropriate, talk to your child about it and the risks involved with such content.
  2. Set age limits- This option is somewhat similar to age limit feature of McAfee Safe Family that can be activated via The age limit feature will restrict your child from watching videos with mature content from a user’s searches, related videos, playlists, and shows.
  3. Opt for YouTube Kids- YouTube Kids is a safe video platform for kids under 13. This platform is specially curated for young YouTube viewers. If you are worried about younger kids running into inappropriate content, add an extra layer of security to their device such as McAfee Activate Total Protection.

Although social networks strive hard to remove such awful and inappropriate content from their pages, it becomes your duty to make your kids aware of the cyber threats and the risks involved in some YouTube videos. This is only possible if you nurture a strong connection with your child and give him a little extra space so that he doesn’t fright to share things with you.

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